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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> welcome, everyone, it is a misty monday. there is mist and drizzle. we have flight arrival delays at 44 minutes trying to get to sfo. you can see a lot of sunshine above the deeper and thicker marine layer that holds more moisture. we are 50 to 60. 56 at the coast and 76 inland. the temperature at 4:00 is quite a difference from over the weekend. 58 at the coast and 82 inland. now a check of the commute. sue? >> we have fog advisory for the golden gate bridge and it is thick at the northern edge of the span but not is were at the southern end. you will need your windshield wipers. the drizzle is thick. even so for as to get inside the
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robin williams tunnel. slow traffic. a lot of folks are coming from tracy at an hour and 15 minutes into dublin/pleasanton. otherwise we are looking at an accident at the lawns expressway northbound 280 with brake need by c.h.p. >> the outc.i.a. is grow -- the outcry is growing with a federal stanford swimmer being found guilty of assaulting an unconscious woman and is single sentenced to six months in jail and critics are push to recall the judge in the case. matt? >> the biggest critics was santa clara county district attorney who wanted a six-year prison term for the former swimmer but the superior court judge persky gave him six months in jail for sexual assault an unconscious woman and intoxicated woman in january of 2015. with good behavior he could
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senator only three months. the judge fear add longer term would have a severe impact on turner. many call this a slap on the wrist the petition was started after thursday's sentenceing. the judge could be called for the lenient nervous with 32,000 signatures chess to goal of 35,000. a similar petition has 12,000 signatures. last week the victim read a powerful letter reading in part "i used to friday myself on my independence and now i am afraid to go on walks in the evening and attend social over veterans with -- events where i should feel comfortable." we have the whole letter on >> letter is something to read. thank you. california's primary is a day away and hillary clinton is now just shy of the number of delegates she needs to claim the democratic nomination. hour win in puerto rico comes as republican rival donald trump is
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under fire. this time, for claims a mexican american judge is bias against him. now to washington, dc, with that story. >> yes, we have now learned that the trump campaign has actually fired a new political director, a veteran operative, jim murphy. this as several republicans are urging trim to change course on the commends. >> donald trump did not back off the con continuation that federal judge gonzalo curiel should be disqualified from presiding over a fraud case against trump university because of his ancestry. >> i am a member of a society very strongly pro mexican, that is mine but he has bias. >> would you feel like a muslim judge could not treat you fairly because of that policy? >> it is possible, yes. that would be possible, yes.
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>> bernie sanders is neck and neck with hillary clinton in california. she is less than 30 delegates away from the nomination after a big win in puerto rico. a loss in the golden state could make for a messy convention. >> i want to finish strong in california. it means the world to me. >> bernie sanders has one event in san francisco today and hillary clinton and her husband have a total of nine events throughout the state of california today including one start studded concert featuring aguilera and stevie wonder. >> we will brook it down, bill clinton has five evens in the bay area. hillary clinton is in southern california. bill clinton posted a rally in los angeles yesterday with former lakers' players. he'll start at hayward city hall in morning and nonstop until a rally at the recreation
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center in san francisco at 5:30. >> now, bernie sanders will be in the bay area holding two events. yesterday in san diego he promised the oval office would be occupied by a democrat next year. donald trump will not become president because in the year 2016 the american people will not accept a bigoted president. >> bernie sanders will hold a news conference in emeryville this morning and at 5:00 this afternoon, a huge rally at crissy field in san francisco featuring dave matthews. stay on top of the race with our news app which is free. >> the warriors are heading to cleveland for game three. the reason that klay thompson believes this is the most difficult part of trying to held on to the title as champions. >> from one boxing champion to another, how evander
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>> it is a misty start to the day with more cooling. on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 50s. 59 in palo alto and san mateo at 55. same in fremont and fairfield at
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51 in antioch. san francisco and mill valley at 54. oakland is 58. we will be around getting back outside and not hiding from the heat. want the strong sun today if you are outside. san jose near the shark tank, the game tonight temperatures are mid 70s and upper 60s when you head out. 90 holding on around antioch and the same with the rest of us in the 70s and 80s and wednesday, the 90s are gone. our cool of the days are ahead of us in my seven-day outlook. sue? >> 5:27 was the magic time for the metering heights and backed up since that time at 20 minutes from golden gate field through the berkeley curve to san francisco. it could look stacked but it is moving nicely with slow traffic from tracy at an hour and 15 minutes from dublin/pleasanton with in stalls or accidents. a lot of folks are commuting.
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there was a traffic break northbound 280 at the lawrence expressway and there is debris in the slow lane. eastbound 580 at castro valley involved a minivan that now is on fire. i am not seeing a lot of slow traffic. it is off to the right shoulder. but it could be a hazard visually. >> warriors and the cavaliers are going to cleveland as the final shifts. the dubs drilled the cavaliers. draymond green scored 28 for a victory. klay thompson joined larry beil on the court during toyota after the game. >> we have to win on wednesday. we do taught want to extend it. get to win one, hopefully two,
6:11 am
and we cannot have 20 turnovers. if we have 20 turnovers they will feast on us. >> our mind set we took care of home court. now we will get one on the road. maybe two. we start with one. >> the warriors lead the series 2-30. -- 2-0. >> abc is the only place to see every game of the finals and game three is wednesday join us for abc at 4:00, and world news at 4:30 and a special warriors pregame abc7 at 5:00 p.m. at 5:30, our coverage of game three is here on abc7 with warriors and cavaliers in cleveland tip-off at can p.m. after that join sports director larry beil and sports anchor after the game with analysis from the warriors ambassador. we will broadcast live from the watch part at oracle arena.
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>> fans are showing their pride. we love it. look at the photos and videos you have been posting on social media. use #dubson7. you can see it right here on air. >> this morning the shares are releasing a limited number of tickets to the pivotal game four of the stanley cup finals again the penguin sold at the s.a.p. center. it happened at 10:00 a.m. the sharks can even the series at two each. in they win on home ice. a viewing party is being health with puck dropping at 5:00 p.m. >> when is the best time to quit smoking? for women the time could happen only once a month. (man) what i love about the tempur-breeze bed is it's cool. you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. you just get in and it naturally adapts to your body
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this morning, more stories emerging of the impact boxing legend moldally had on the lives of the biggest superstars. five time heavyweight champion of the world evander hole surveillance --
6:16 am
hollyfield. >> he had confidence. he would speak and he could back up everything that he spoke about. that gave me courage to move up and try to be a champion like he was. >> you can watch robin roberts interview withold -- with hold field and muhammad ali's daughter. >> the time begins for baltimore police officer in the death of freddie gray. he bears the host responsibility in the death of freddie gray in the back of a police transport wagon when his spine snapped. he was driving the wagon at the time and faced second-degree murder. fellow stores have testified that in anyone was responsible for freddie gray's safety it was goodwin. freddie gray died a week after the injury. >> 72 years ago the forces of freedom held their breath as the largest operation in the world, operation overlord, went ashore
6:17 am
in san francisco. it was d-day, 100,000 troops led by eisenhower gathered on the peaches of normandy the first step in the liberation of western europe the beginning of the end of world war ii in europe. veterans of the invasion new in their 90s recall the fought for freedom overseas. >> now outside right now and meteorologist mike nicco, a misty morning. we could see it coming in this morning, as well. >> yes, mist and drizzle, and no truth that i am stuck up here to see in my hair is water roof. so far okay. you have to use the windshield wipers this morning as you cross the bridges. the fiscal year three hours, live doppler hd shows the drizzle will dry at 9:00, maybe longer at the coast, another hour or so. the cooling air will start today
6:18 am
with the heat wave breaking over the weekend. it will continue that way until we get to our cool of the highs friday and saturday afternoon. as far as today, 81 to 84 through most of the south bay and los gatos is warmer at 87. check out santa cruz, cloudy in the afternoon and only 69. 74 to 79 for the peninsula and deeper, you can see the 80s. half moon bay and pacifica could be the warm spot along the cost as they make it into the 60s and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s. downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, mid-to-upper 60s. petaluma is the last to see sunshine and is the coolest in the north bay valley at 74. stand rose and napa hit 80. cloverdale in lakeport is low-to-mid 90s. upper 60s in richmond and hercules to low-to-mid 70s for berkeley and oakland and hayward and san leandro to fremont and as we head inland, 86 in men, a few 90s holding on around antioch and brentwood and livermore. my seven-day forecast shows we
6:19 am
drop a couple more degrees tomorrow and the dramatic drop is wednesday, holding steady through thursday and we will drop a little bit more with were toes below average on friday and saturday. sue? >> from the north bay up and over the waldo grade it is damp and windshield wipers are needed. san jose is 87, looking from, beyond the shark tank but we have big game today and you can expect 87 to be busy. right new we are looking at smooth sailing. slow from the central valley for an hour and 15 minutes into dublin/pleasanton with an accident at the lawn expressway northbound 288 with a traffic break to get car parts out of the lanes. that is why there is slow traffic there. eastbound 580 the van fire is off to the side of the roadway and the fire trucks are en route so it could be blocking and we
6:20 am
will watch this in the future and watch the bay bridge in the next report. >> obesity rates in the united states are rising according to a survey by the centers for disease control, more than 30% of americans 20 and older are oh best up from 1% from the previous year. that is not significant increase but it is a troubling trend that is growing. half of adults are saying they are getting the recommended amount of exercise. new research suggests that certain weeks of the month are better for a woman trying to quit smoking. it is harder to quick in the first half of a woman's cycle. try to quit the second half of the cycle. this is important because previous research has shown women find quitting harder than women and have 25% higher risk of heart disease than men.
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>> schoolchildren will see the fruits of their labor at the white house vegetable garden. students from across country participated in the planting this year and they will be back today to see the results of their hard work. kids will prepare fresh meals with inagreed helps they get straight from the garden. >> what a scene, kanye west fans shut down the streets of new york city after word spread on the pop-up concert. those are fans chasing the rapper down the street. he bond out of the roof of a car. this is nature the kind of pop-ups that concert fans had in mine. they wanted to see him performed but too many shows up and they canceled the show. i support kanye in everything he does, buying his shoes and clothes and i love him. >> wait. can we talk about what she was wearing? what is going on?
6:22 am
>> this started after the performance at the governor's ball was canceled because of heavy rain. the word spread he would perform at a separate venue, over 4,000 fans rushed to the onup show chanting his name and shutting down traffic. he left that venue. >> i on shut down the glasses...michael finney answers a question that many of you have on ballots. >> stripping mark ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ she had to earn it.anded to cecilia aguiar-curry. built a business. became an expect in water policy. balanced budgets. and always solving problems. that's how she brought much-needed technology
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davidthe abc7 news app, on e go, on your schedule. all the facebook board wants shareholders to take away the voting control of mark zuckerberg if he leaves the country. they will vote on the proposal in two weeks. he is not planning to step down. but this is part of the plan to create a new class of nonvoting stock. that will help him retain control while they give away 99% of the facebook shares over their life time for charity endeavours. >> now, ask finney. in a person does not vote for a
6:26 am
candidate in each office, does the wheel ballot get thrown away? can you only vote for propositions? >> good question. cy vote for as many offices and measures as you choose, and you can decide to just vote for the propositions or just for for candidates it is up to you. the ballot still counts. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on your smartphone or share it on sole media. you could see your question answers right here. >> if you are piling warriors t-shirts or other merchandise the nba has a warning: watch out for fakes much the league furnished these pictures of unlicensed gear. make sure you are getting the van win item with the tag. buy the merchandise only at n.b.a. authorized stores.
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>> we have a full 30 minutes of news including an overnight house fire in fremont. all the reason the location is interesting to firefighters. >> and we have waterfalling from the sky, with the cooling trend continues 2-7-eleves
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:30. good morning. i am reggie aqui were. >> i am natasha zouves. now, start, with meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, misty morning for some of us in san francisco. and the north bay. not a lot of fog unless you drive up into the higher elevations like the east bay hills. you can see the day planner is sunny in some areas like walnut creek. mid-50s to nearly 60 and hang in the mid-to-upper 60s at the coast and low 70s around the bay at noon to mid-70s at 4:00, and mid-70s at noon and
6:31 am
mid-80s at 4:00, and that is significantly cooler than over weekend. sue? ought metering lights were turned on at 5:27 this morning. stacked up now to the macarther maze for 20-30 minutes from the east shore freeway. slow from tracy for an hour and 10 minutes into the dublin/pleasanton area and we have an early accident northbound 280 at the lawns expressway, and that is cleared out of the lanes with minor residual delays. eastbound 580 in castro valley near redwood city we had a big-rig a van slammed into the back of the big-rig and it is stuck on the shoulder with debris in the lanes. we will look at the fog on the golden gate bridge. >> a strange coincidence in the next story, breaking news from fremont, fires putting out a two alert house fire. >> they realized the neighborhood is very familiar. amy hollyfield is near carol and roberts eve.
6:32 am
amy? >> yes, there is still smoke coming from the smoldering homes firefighters putting water on it to make sure the fire stays identity. they are keeping a close eye on it. this is a huge fire at 1:00 a.m. firefighters say it took more than an hour to knock this down. no one was here at the time and the people inside aparently ran away. firefighters say they think they know why, though know this home well. squatters took over this house several years ago. there was a fire here approximately a year ago. same cause. it get so big because there was a lot of fuel to bun, piles of clothes and other stuff belonging to nose who stay here. it looks like they broke in through the back door. investigators are vying -- tryio any out the days. remember the fire in fremont
6:33 am
last week? the suspect who shot police and was hiding in the home? he died inside the home? that happened on this same street on roberts avenue. just a few doors down. >> strange coincidence. >> 280 finally back home in san jose. there was really bad crash. it ended up being a deadly two-car crash between a pickup and bmw that closed all southbound lanes for three hours. the pickup rolled and the passenger was ejected. c.h.p. said the driver of the b bmw smelled strongly of alcohol. d.u.i. vex is underway. san jose police investigating two deadly shootings over the weekend and yesterday a man was shot and killed before 3:00 p.m. at north 26th. investigator say the shooter is still at large. he is not identified. on saturday night, a middle-age man was shot in the chest in
6:34 am
east san jose after two men got into a fight in the strip mall parking lot. he later died at the hospital and police are still looking for that shooter. >> east bay crews just finished preparing the water main break that exacted traffic this morning and they have been working to fix the pipe that burst last night around 10:15 at parkside drive. no homes or businesses were flooded. >> after so many weeks, the primary in california is finally happening tomorrow. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is less than 30 detects short of winning the part's nomination and said finishing strong in california would mean the world to her. she will be in southern california today hot off of a big win in puerto rico take the primary with 62% of the vote winning the v isles primary early in the day. that was a blow out. >> bill clinton has five stops in the bay area today to campaign. he host add rally in los angeles yesterday. with former lakers players.
6:35 am
he starts at hayward city this morning and then the follow -- fox theater in oakland. the last stop is a rally at the recreation center in san francisco at 5:30. >> bay area is getting a lot of attention. we could have quite the traffic mess, bernie sanders holding a big rally at the same time as the last events that bill clinton is holding also in san francisco. >> we were at crissy field as crews set up for a rally and free concerts featuring dave matthews and fish bone and several other music acts. the event starts at 5:00. the vermont senator announced another bay area even starting with a news conference at 11 15 this morning. 700 degrees are at stake tomorrow, with six states holding primaries. >> more controversy swirling around donald trump defending the claim that the judge of
6:36 am
mexican descent is unfit to preside over a case against now defunct university because of bias saying a must him judge would be unfair, too. in san francisco yesterday, volunteers knock on doors and last flyers in a neighborhood. >> this is a record-setting election with registration tolls higher than ever. by friday 18 million people registered to vote the highest total ever leading into a primary. >> you can say on the election results with update as they happen on push alerts. >> two more ins that is how close the warriors are to repeat as n.b.a. champions. >> the steam. the brazillian, 27-point game.
6:37 am
>> had they go. the dubs blew out the cavaliers 110-77. they have crushed the cavaliers in the first two games. it is the largest margin of sick try over the first two games in nab history. golden state leads the best of seven 2-0. worse -- the warriors expect the cavaliers playing with desperation on wednesday. >> look at the sell operating during and after the game with fans confident after the dominating performance last night. >> it is a blow out. >> at the pinnacle of winning the n.b.a. charactership back-to-back, baby.
6:38 am
>> fans can root on the team while the dubs are in cleveland for game these and four holding watch parts at oracle arena. tickets of $20. the first tickets are on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. for season ticket holders and the public at 1:00. >> we are the only place to see every game of the finals right here. on wednesday, we will have a special pre-game abc 67 at 5 at5 o'clock p.m. and then at 5 ok the game starts right here with tip-off at 6:00 p.m. after that, larry beale and mike the watch part at oracle arena. the sharks proved they can win in overtime on saturday and the warriors blow out on saturday.
6:39 am
now, in the south bay temperatures are running around 60 this mountain view and santa clara and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s and los gatos at 52 degrees and at the game tonight, holding into the area around 80. temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50s but for brentwood at 62 and 53 in san rafael, with tree pollen, weed poll, mold spore low, grass pollen is moderate and tomorrow you can see 90s, the only one this is antioch and clear lake at 93 and the rest of us in the 70s and 80's but the coast and san francisco in the 60s and 90s are gone on wednesday and cooler on thursday. i will let you know in that continues in the seven-day forecast. >> so far so good, the san rafael camera is showing the sunshine and at mill valley and the waldo grade you will find the limited visibility as the fog and the c.h.p. has a dense
6:40 am
fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. now the hot spots, eastbound, 580, this is in castro valley a big-rig and a van which slammed into the back of the big-rig and they are stuck together with debris in the lanes, fire and tow on the scene so there is slow traffic back to 238 eastbound the reverse commute. contributioncy fee the home of big concert, dave matthews, bernie sanders fundraiser 3:30, actually, it is a free concert. expect the area to be rough starting before 3:00. we will look at the north bay and south bay drive in a few minutes. >> this park is evacuated because of a growling predator. >> a plan to cut service as the fire season is heating up and local firefighters are vowing to
6:41 am
stop this plan. >> but, first, a look at "good morning america" next. >> good morning, next on "good morning america" we celebrate the greatest, mohammed all's daughter joins us with tributes c
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> breaking news from fee any, two are dead, one in extremely critical condition after a
6:44 am
shooting. authorities say man walked into the motel office. he said something to the people would work this. he started shooting. the gunman ran from the scene. he car jacked someone. he fired at two more people. memorial surrounded the gunman. he shot himself. he is not expected to survive. >> we will find out in criminal charges are filed in the cincinnati zoo gorilla case against the boys' parent. a prosecutor. announce if he will pursue charges again the parent of the three-year-old would fell support enclosure leading to the fatal shooting of a silver back gorilla. prosecuting child endangerment or similar charges are unlikely but the exhibit. reopen tomorrow with ahere pair year. >> the outcry is growing, how could a former stanford swimmer be fund guilty of sexaully assaulting an unconscious woman and be sentenced to six months in jail? it is not enough say the critics and they are pushing to recall the judge in the case. our reporter is tracking the story. matt? >> thousands are asking for a
6:45 am
judge to be removed from his position after sentencing the former stanford iminterester. the santa clara county superior court judge persky sentenced the 20 year old brock turner to six months in jail for assaulting sexually an unconscious woman in january of 2015. many call this a slap on the wrist. the petition was started after thursday, with 33,000 signatures or 34,000 asking for judge persky to be recalled and most coming this morning since 4:30 a.m. the victim read a powerful letter to turner red in part i sat my parent down and told. i was assault asked halfway through my mom had to hold me because i could no longer stand up." we have the whole letter on our website. >> it is a long letter but i urge everyone to read it. >> now, watch out for mountain lion, authorities aren what
6:46 am
people in cupertino after an evacuation of a preserve this weekend after a mountain lion growled at children on saturday --tyes arrived to fine the big cat in a tree across the seat officials decided they would not tranquilize it but it climb down after dark on its own and it ran away. >> daly city is seriously thing of closing down the fire station alarming both residents and firefighters. the engine will be taken out of service so daly city would not have to pay three fires 24/7 a savings of $1 million a year. ruin is fighting this saying fewer engines will be covering area delaying response time five minutes. >> with the modern fires they can double in side each minute. >> a couple of times, the heat which we do not get oftens i pass out, and last time in not
6:47 am
for the firehouse i would have been dead. >> the city council will make a final decision on june 27. >> and there was a disappointing jobs report on friday. we now have the monday morning money report. >> we higher. the federal reserve chair yellen will be speak in philadelphia today taking questions so she will likely be asked about the johns report which was very disappoint on friday, with the dow up 80 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq trading in the green. southwest airlines adding more flights from southern california to oakland and now offering four flight as day to and from the bay area haunt step between long beach and oakland. the nights are a gateway to other southwest cities. snapchat but the a computer vision start-up that lets mobile
6:48 am
users make 3-d selfies with the technology allowing 3-d selfies with a normal smart phone that could be used in visit you'll reality. instagram things it knows what you want to see and will put up the post it thinks you are most interested starting next month. >> what could make the selfie better? 3-d! >> we can touch a sell -- >> the weather is cementing down, mike? >> some of us will not have to pay so much through the seven. it starts with mist and drizzle . we will look at the winds. they will tell the story, 24 at fairfield. 12 in oakland. we have a stronger sea breeze. and deeper marine layer around
6:49 am
2,000 feet so it is climbing into the east bay neighborhoods. it will take the sting out of heat. misty morning, slower sunshine, clouds and drizzle return. expect it to play out tomorrow much the caller highs are friday and saturday. now, as we head to be if, we have lower elevations along the north bay coast interest petaluma, san francisco, and heading over to berkeley and oakland with a little bit of cloud cover and as we head into the afternoon hours we will be in the 50s along the coast and 60s along the bay and 80s inland, and 90s well inland. 81 to 84 degree in the south bay and league at 87. santa cruz at 69. 74 to 79 for most of peninsula and los altos is warmer because of early sunshine. the upper 50s in daly city and sunset and mid-60s, 65 in
6:50 am
downtown, south san francisco, 67 sausalito, 74 is the cool spot in petaluma and napa at 80 and the east bay shore, 79 in fremont and union city and 74 in oakland and 60s in richmond and hercules and 86 to 90 degrees is the temperature spread. we drop a couple of degrees tomorrow and we drop on wednesday and thursday, and below average temperatures for friday and saturday. have a great morning compute. sue? >> a rough one in some spots, everyone. tracy to dublin is a grained. no stalls or accidents. a lot of folks from the central valley. westbound 4 is 30 minutes into concord were san jose beyond the s.a.p. center, shark tank is busy tonight. on 87. you are looking good. take it now for the commute and sluggish beyond north san pedro
6:51 am
road by the civic center so give yourself extra time out of novato for 35 minutes to san francisco. we check on the bay bridge tolls next report. ate state of the late whitney houston is preparing to auction off personal belonging including hour wedding dress to bobby brown and several american music awards and her first united states passport along with jewelry on june 24 and june 25 in beverly hills. she died when she was found unresponsive at a beverly hills hotel. robin roberts sits down with her ex-husband for a special and he opens up about his marriage losing his wife and state and what -- and daughter and what is ahead. >> organizers of the copa america soccer tournament
6:52 am
apologize. >> that is the national anthem. of chile. unfortunately, it was supposed to be the natural anthem of uruguay. some players say it was disrespectful. they return to levi stadium in santa clara tenth. argentina takes on chime at 7:00. we will have coverage of the game on abc7. >> you had one job, to get that national anthem right. stay tuned. >> take us with you with the news app with practicing news, and real time updates and personalized alerts on the
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the disneyland resort diamond celebration. it's been 60 years in the making. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular...
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plus an all new soarin'. so come to the place where summer dazzles. >> here are the seven things you need to know before you go. the n.b.a. finals shifts to cleveland with warriors up to-0. they take off from sfo at 9:00 and dubs depart later today. game three is wednesday at 6:00 p.m. only here. >> bernie sanders and bill clinton are in the bay area today. something for both. bernie sanders starts with a an event and then a free concert by dave matthews band. >> the f.b.i. trying to determine why some cities like oakland are seeing a big drop in violent crime and it is skyrocketing in los angeles and
6:55 am
chicago. homicide, rapes, robberies and assaults all down in oakland in the first these months compared to last. >> preparations are ongoing for the friday public memorial service for muhammad ali. >> five, it is damp for some of us. and grave. flight arrival delays are 44 minutes into sfo. the afternoon temperatures are a last 70's and 80s. but san francisco is 65. and another day of 90s inland east bay neighborhoods. >> six, following your monday morning commute metering lights on at 5:27. a backup from hercules. >> hercules? >> to castro valley where an accident blocking the freeway at redwood. >> sharks take on the penguins in game four of the stanley cup finals and are now trailing 2-1. they have to get a win testifien the series.
6:56 am
the muck drops at 5:00. >> hercules! >> hercules. >> and we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. bracing for tropical storm colin. the record-breaking storm moves east. florida and georgia on alert. a tornado touching down in jacksonville. this waterspout already spotted by hurricane hunters. half a foot of rain possible, and a flash flood watch under way. hillary clinton on the eve of her final showdown with bernie sanders. while donald trump doubles down, refusing to back away from those comments that a mexican-american judge is too biased to rule. >> is that not the definition of racism? >> i don't think so at all. >> the backlash building from his opponents and his own party. breaking overnight -- kanye chaos. the pop star's promise of a secret concert sends thousands flooding into new york city streets. the star circles the block, why police had to shut it down. ali, ali, ali! >> celebrating the greatest.


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